What are binary options?

Here you will learn what a binary option are and how to trade binary options online.
Binary options, which are also known as digital options, are a type of investment. In binary options trading, your goal is to predict if the value of an underlying financial asset such as will go up or down. This is the short answer for what binary options are. The fact that this option has only two possible outcomes is the source of their name which relates to binary computer programming language which is composed of the numbers 0 and 1
Binary options are named the way they do because you only get two outcomes when dealing with these options: Either predict correctly and you win a fixed percentage of the outcome generally between 79% to 91% of the investment or you are wrong and then you lose everything you invested,
When you trade binary options, you choose an underlying asset, such as a stock or commodity, index or currency, and speculates whether the price will fall or rise during the given time of the option (expiration time). If you predicted right, you get back everything you have invested plus the payout The difference between binary options, warrants, and futures A binary option is thus no access and gives you nor the right to buy an asset unlike when you buy a regular option. The binary option gives you “just” the right to a certain profit if the outcome is in your favor.